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Psychometric assessments are a great selection tool to supplement the recruitment process - they are best utilised to help create a bigger picture around a candidate and their capabilities, and consequently they help fine tune selection decisions. 

Through our partnership with OPRA and our own in-house capability, Decipher Group are able to provide a cost effective psychometric testing platform to our clients. As part of the assessment process, Decipher's accredited OPRA Podium Consultant will guide you (and the candidate) through the comprehensive reporting of assessment results.

Personality describes long-term and relatively stable patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Personality assessments are ideal for both pulling apart and isolating areas of an individual’s personality that might not be able to be fully identified in an interview. The test questions are structured such that they assess test-takers natural tendencies and their potential for various behaviours in hypothetical situations.

Assessments are based on the 'Big 5' personality traits: extroversion, openness to experience, conscientiousness, emotional stability, and agreeableness.

General mental ability is the capacity to learn, understand and deal with new problems and situations.

Cognitive mental ability is said to be the greatest predictor of job performance. Therefore, testing can be hugely beneficial in assessing a candidate’s likely ability to be able to perform in the given role that they are applying for, particularly potential based roles, or in instances where skills from previous jobs are seen to be transferrable.

Decipher Group Consultant Katy Boyle is an accredited provider of OPRA Podium Psychometric Testing. Meet Katy

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