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We specialise in the global recruitment of management, executive and governance professionals for New Zealand businesses. Technology is constantly changing the face of recruitment and an agile, forward-thinking approach is required to achieve the best results.

Decipher Group approaches recruitment in a strategic and systematic way to provide clients with the best pool of talent available. We tap into our personal and professional networks, gain insights from leading digital platforms and use targeted media and online advertising to meet the specific needs of each client on a case-by-case basis.

We take pride in being industry leaders, constantly monitoring new trends and technological innovations to enhance the services we offer. Digital platforms like LinkedIn, SEEK and Workhere New Zealand ensure we have the global reach and capability to provide our clients with a cutting-edge, results driven recruitment service.

We’ve developed longstanding partnerships with professional networking organisations such as the Kiwi Expatriates Abroad (Kea) network. These partnerships support our extensive national networks by providing a platform for us to connect with returning Kiwi expats and other desirable candidates that share an interest in the success of New Zealand’s economy and society.

In our search for talented management, executive and governance professionals we look beyond those actively hunting for new roles by targeting passive job seekers who possess the appropriate skills and experience.

As successful businesspeople ourselves we understand the commercial environment our clients operate in and know what it takes to succeed in a competitive market place. We’re highly adept at recognising both the tangible skills and professional attributes a candidate needs to possess in order to add value to our clients’ businesses.

Decipher Group offers a comprehensive suite of recruitment services.

Market and Talent Map

Complementary to Decipher’s recruitment process, our market and talent mapping service allows business leaders to take a proactive approach to their people resourcing requirements by providing in-depth market intelligence and analysis of current employment, organisational trends and candidate activity.

While no two recruitment assignments are exactly the same, the following diagram provides a general overview of our recruitment process:

Communication throughout the process is paramount, additionally we stay in regular contact with both our clients and our candidates following placement to ensure all parties enjoy a smooth transition.

Your people are your greatest assets, particularly when they’re motivated, valued and given a positive, proactive environment in which to work.

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