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Creating positive change is a leadership function. Decipher Group works closely with Chief Executives, Boards and senior leadership teams to understand what their business is trying to achieve and assist with creating the framework for the structure and people resource, to enable the business to successfully execute their strategy - at Decipher, we call this process, the People Framework for Success*.

Decipher Group’s approach to organisational design essentially aligns your people with your broader strategic intent, skills your leaders to effectively engage and inspire their team and contributes towards a constructive workplace culture.

When your organisational strategy changes, structures, roles and functions need to be realigned with the new objectives. A core capability is our ability to align business strategy with organisation structure, role descriptions and talent – and then identify and capture that talent through our recruitment approach.

Decipher’s practical framework means we can easily guide senior executives through the challenges of organisation design. In partnership, we assist businesses to create a structure that supports their business strategy, talent pool and current situation.

Examples of our work

Public Sector - For a critical local/national government entity that was entering a new phase in its lifecycle, Decipher Group worked alongside the Chief Executive and senior team, to create a new organisational design supported by strategy, that delivered operational efficiencies while better aligning capabilities and resources to enable the organisation to continue to evolve and grow. Momentum was accelerated, which created better outcomes in the long term.

Agriculture - A well established agri-business developer and marketer with strong growth aspirations, required a reset of key talent to further strengthen organisational capability. Our consultants worked in a strategic advisory role alongside the senior leadership team, creating processes that enabled the business to operate more efficiently and sustainably in a global environment, where their people could added tangible value.  

Technology - To support the ongoing growth of a global tech innovator and start-up, Decipher Group worked alongside the Chief Executive to develop a robust human resource strategy that met the needs of the business and meant that the right people were available to deliver at the right time. True talent was uncovered, attracted and retained and the vision and values of the organisation were kept alive.  

Food and Nutrition - Following a strategic reset that included an ambitious plan for growth, a small/medium sized production business required help to realign their senior executive structure. Decipher Group worked with the Board of Directors, to develop a robust and sustainable approach to organisational design that has set the business up for the future.

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