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Market and talent mapping allows business leaders to take a proactive approach to their people resourcing requirements by providing in-depth market intelligence and analysis of current employment, organisational trends and candidate activity.

Decipher Group’s recruitment and human resourcing specialists operate in a strategic and confidential manner to research, analyse and identify the best candidates for senior management, executive, directorship and governance roles across various industry sectors.

Our market and talent mapping service is designed to:

  • identify commercially skilled talent in New Zealand and internationally to meet specific objectives identified by your business.
  • provide hyperlocal, regional and/or national market information, industry commentary and recommendations in one cohesive report about your particular sector or role requirements.
  • list potential candidate information in a professional database to improve the recruitment process and ensure immediate access to high calibre talent, when the need arises.

This service is ideal for medium to large sized enterprises that desire a strategic market overview that will ensure they are well placed for the fast and effective recruitment of key management and governance roles in the future.

Instead of adopting a reactive approach when a recruitment need arises, companies can have unlimited access to a bank of premium candidates that are specifically identified for their needs and who are likely to consider new employment opportunities.

Our detailed market mapping report provides a comprehensive overview of the professional skills and experience of candidates in specific market segments, ensuring businesses are better equipped to make crucial employment decisions. This is particularly important if a business strategy is to expand or launch into a new market or geographical location where time is of the essence in regards to building a new team.

The following outline provides a strategic overview of our market and talent mapping process.

Research and Analysis

  • Identification and analysis of key talent through Decipher Group’s professional networks, as well as local and international databases.
  • Provide insights regarding candidates’ skills and capabilities in relation to key positions.
  • Source market information and evaluate current employment and organisational trends within a target region or for a specific role.
  • Conduct a client competitor analysis (if required).


  • Regular interim reports are provided to ensure you’re updated at all stages. This includes regular face-to-face meetings to confirm expectations, objectives and accurate delivery of information.
  • Our advanced reporting structure is presented in two parts. Part One includes market commentary analysing the state of the current employment market within your industry, how to find candidates for identified roles, key competitor organisations where candidates may currently be employed and candidate availability.
  • Part Two provides an overview of prospective candidate profiles and contact information in an easy-to-review format.

Market and talent mapping is an independent process that allows a company to acquire valuable industry knowledge without alerting or disturbing the market. Once you have this very valuable data, the recruitment process can then be executed by Decipher Group, or by your internal team, as people resourcing requirements arise.  

To find out more about our professional market and talent mapping services, please contact one of our senior consultants or directors listed under Meet the Team