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Decipher Group’s networks are cultivated through professional relationships and longstanding partnerships with some of the world’s leading digital platforms which provide our clients with a cutting-edge global recruitment service.

More than half of our consultants have had exposure working in overseas markets so they understand how to attract top international talent to New Zealand businesses. We have the reach, capability and tenacity to help your company prosper by unearthing the world’s best talent.

Kea New Zealand

Decipher Group is a member of the Kiwi Expatriates Abroad (Kea) network. Kea is a powerful international network of people who share a connection to New Zealand. Through our partnership we can harness the potential of New Zealand’s offshore community – with special emphasis on those operating at a world-class level – to help New Zealand businesses succeed by finding and attracting returning Kiwi expats.

Our consultants use the ‘Kea Jobs’ platform to get the word out about your employment opportunities and attract highly qualified candidates to your brand. Kea’s worldwide network of more than 25,000 Kiwis and high-powered ‘friends of New Zealand’ ensure we can place your job in front of candidates who have an interest in the future of New Zealand’s economy and society.

Workhere New Zealand

We use a range of talent attraction tools in our recruitment strategies to ensure your job vacancy has visibility on the right social media platforms, at the right time, and to the right audience. Our consultants use Workhere New Zealand to boost specific roles across a range of social media platforms including Workhere, Facebook, Indeed, Skill Finder and LinkedIn. The platform’s worldwide candidate targeting options ensure we attract high calibre candidates that have the transferrable skills and professional attributes required to fill your position.

Workhere New Zealand has more than 106,000 website visits per month, 82,000 registered candidates with more than 3,600 new registrations per month. It sends job alerts direct to subscribers and has a strong following with over 76,000 e-newsletter subscribers and 4,470 LinkedIn members. This platform helps our consultants to maximise online networking opportunities to ensure we find the right candidate for your business. 


We have cemented our position at the forefront of digital recruitment technology and innovation through our partnership with SEEK – the largest online job board in New Zealand and Australia. Decipher Group was one of the first New Zealand businesses to trial SEEK’s new Talent Search platform in 2015. Our upgraded membership to the platform gives us unlimited access to 3.5 million searchable profiles in Australasia (with 150,000 being added every month). This ensures our staff are always on the front foot, instead of waiting for candidates to respond to advertising, we can kick start our search for top talent and proactively engage with high calibre candidates in any region or marketplace in New Zealand and Australia.   

Through our membership, we can search and select suitable candidates in real-time and review detailed career history profiles. Our research staff analyse information to generate key insights about each candidate’s career desires and motivations so we can understand their intentions before engaging with them, making our recruitment process much more efficient.

LinkedIn Recruiter

It’s easy for us to find you the right hire with LinkedIn’s most powerful search tool at our fingertips. Since 2012, we’ve partnered with LinkedIn Recruiter to ensure our networks are supported by the ability to access active and passive candidates worldwide. More than 90 percent of the world’s professionals use LinkedIn as a networking tool, and our team use this platform on a daily basis to scour the globe for the world’s best talent. Our premium membership to LinkedIn Recruiter gives us unlimited access to senior management professionals, executives and directors that you’re seeking to attract.

Our team uses guided search and advanced recruiting filters to find the right candidate for your business. This platform streamlines our processes so we can execute highly targeted searches and better manage international talent. This ensures we have the capability to maximise every candidate opportunity within this growing global database to achieve results for your business. Additionally, we maintain close contact with LinkedIn Recruiter through online collaboration and regular training workshops to ensure our team remain at the forefront of this ever changing technology.