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Decipher Group is a leading business partner to organisations in the delivery of people focused strategies, advice, development and support. We are at the forefront of innovation and have a passion for building capability and diversity within business.

We deliver a range of complementary service solutions for our clients to assist them to navigate a world of constant and dynamic change.

Diversity of Thought ScorecardTM

Diversity is about much more than gender, ethnicity and age - it is truly multidimensional. For senior leadership teams and governance boards to tackle new, uncertain and complex challenges they need different ways of conceptualizing problems and co-creating solutions.

Introducing the Diversity of Thought Scorecard – a specialised tool that quantifies the potential for wide-ranging thought diversity within groups by measuring pertinent characteristics within three categories: experiences, perspectives and thought preferences.

Developed by a multidisciplinary team, the tool is designed and validated for use by senior leadership teams and governance boards but can be applied to any decision-making group with 5 to 25 members.

The strength of the DOT Scorecard is its simplicity, with participants required to answer a brief online questionnaire that includes less than 20 questions, measuring 10 uncorrelated factors.

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Decipher Group are excited to partner with Diversity of Thought Scorecard creator Lloyd Mander who has successfully delivered the scorecard to a range of commercial, governmental and for-purpose organisations, evaluating group capability for wide-ranging thought diversity and advising on how to realize the benefits of diverse thinking. 

Emerging Director Programme

Decipher Group is leading an innovative programme to assist businesses to increase governance capability by facilitating the placement of emerging directors at board level.

The Emerging Director Programme can help businesses innovate and bring in new skills required at board level, to effectively lead their businesses in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. The programme nurtures governance capability in the region and provides emerging directors the opportunity to connect and learn from senior directors and chairs, through the fixed term placement on a board. 

Decipher Group works alongside businesses to create an Emerging Director Programme customised to their organisation, providing support and direction across programme positioning, mentoring and professional development, communications as well as requirements related to the search and placement of emerging directors.

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