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Has the future of work arrived early?

We’ve been talking about the future of work for some time now. The impact that advances in technology (artificial intelligence, automation and robotics), digitisation and globalisation will have on how we work – some roles may be lost while many others will be created and almost all will change in some way. Like any good crisis, the global COVID-19 pandemic has given us a glimpse as to what that future may look like. 


11 Popular Career Goals in 2016

Career goals – how to set them and achieve them!

It’s the dawn of a new year and that means time to reset your career goals! That doesn’t have to involve a complete reshuffle of everything you have been working towards – remember that not all career goals require huge change. Instead, it is time to pause, reflect and then start moving towards achievement. 


Professional Development

Need help with next steps?

The New Year is typically a time for new beginnings. If that includes pursuing growth in your existing organisation or taking a new direction and a potential job or career change, then our team are here to help. 


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Recruiter tips for being seen in the talent market

Whether you are looking for a new role having left your previous one, looking to change roles, or perhaps you’ve been made redundant post-COVID, here are some real-world tips from executive recruiters, to help you stand out in the talent market and secure that next role. 


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Is 2021 your year for change?

It’s the start of a new year and for a lot of people that typically means change – from kick starting that health and fitness plan through to taking active steps to advance your career. With the job market currently taking a positive turn, could 2021 be the year of change for you. 



Top trending blogs

Here’s a list of Decipher Group’s top five trending blog topics for the year that was 2020….


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Decipher doing good

We’re ardent supporters of corporate social responsibility programmes and we’ve regularly touched on the topic of doing good and the benefit for your employer brand in our blog posts. A recent article on stuff.co.nz[https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/prosper/advice/123427799/creative-agencies-and-businesses-need-to-rally-behind-the-events-and-arts-industries?cid=app-iPhone] really drove home the fact that we need to be walking the talk, particularly given the reality of the COVID world we now live in.   


manage staff holidays

Keep moving through Christmas with contractors

There is no denying that we all deserve a well earned break this Christmas – 2020 has not been without its challenges. But as businesses and offices prepare for the annual summer break, a gradual slide to switching off in December with a slow awakening in January, it begs the question, would businesses benefit from hiring contractors to maintain momentum into 2021? 


soft skills

Interview hack: Soft skills Q&A

When it comes to a robust recruitment process, technical skills and relevant experience are important variables in assessing a candidate’s ability to do the job well. However, what we are increasingly looking for are soft skills as a predictor of performance.   

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