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Hiring trends during COVID-19 uncertainty

Latest insights on the hiring market and recruitment as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic.


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COVID recruitment challenges

The number one request from our clients is for insights on the talent market and the types of candidates we’re seeing as we all navigate this new COVID world. 


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Get your people decisions right

A critical part of a senior leader’s day to day work is managing people and this includes making hiring and staffing decisions that enable an organisation to realise its goals. And yet how often do these decisions turn out to be right or at the very least average versus absolute failures?


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Don’t ignore your employer brand during and post COVID

Leading through a crisis is incredibly challenging, particularly when faced with a global situation that is unprecedented for most of us. For many businesses, the current focus is to manage the response and address the urgent needs of right now. However, when you are caught in the trap of a narrow focus, some areas are inevitably neglected. Like for example, your employer brand…


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The future of talent acquisition

Changes in government legislation, the ongoing future of work debate and the evolution of technology within the recruitment space are factors that have traditionally shaped the way businesses have sourced new talent. In a talent scarce market, creativity was key, with businesses treating potential employees as they would customers. With our world turned upside down in recent months, what will the new hiring landscape look like post-COVID?


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Finding a role in the COVID-19 world – There is hope!

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly taken the world by storm. All aspects of our lives have changed and one such aspect that has been severely impacted is our working lives. Most people are working from home, many are anxious about the security of their roles, and sadly, there are a number who are already unemployed. Some are considering whether they will have a job next week and those who are already unemployed are wondering if there is any hope of obtaining employment in the foreseeable future.


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Content Curated – top five podcasts

What to listen to now that we’ve all got a little time on our hands – here are our top picks of podcasts to sample.



What's your joy?

There is no doubting that we are all hurting in one way or another with the Global Covid-19 pandemic seemingly in full swing. For us in New Zealand, we are now almost at half-time of a four week lockdown which has seen us working, schooling, parenting, exercising and socialising at home in our bubbles. We have all seen the memes and jokes on social media that have us belly-laughing while they so closely resemble the daily challenges that only being locked in with our closet family can deliver to us.  This has been tough and it’s going to continue like this for a short while yet.


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Content Curated – WFH top five articles

Because you’re busy keeping the wheels moving – here are our top picks for working from home (WFH) themed articles worthy of a second glance.  


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We're open for business

Decipher Group is fully operational and open for business, despite our office being closed in response to the COVID-19 response. 

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