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Reverse mentoring

Reverse mentoring is gaining in popularity as an opportunity for experienced, senior leaders to gain valuable perspective through the lens of a less experienced and in most cases, younger member of the team. Like any mentoring, it’s about sharing insights, having an open mind and being committed to continuous learning.


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Culture and governance

With ultimate accountability for ensuring the prosperity of an organisation, boards are increasingly being held to account for organisational culture and more specifically misbehaviour - achieving organisational success by being proactive and operating with integrity.


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Automation and recruitment

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the future of work. As with any disruptive technology, we just need to adjust the way we do things to reap the benefits.


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Attracting millennials

Creating a workplace that is attractive to millennials and centennials, or any specific generation, is crucial to the long-term achievement of organisational goals. Why? Well, millennials have now overtaken baby boomers as the largest generational group in New Zealand – they are the future of your workforce.   


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Top talent trends

Online professional networking site LinkedIn has recently released some interesting insights into the major trends that will impact recruiting and human resources (HR) in 2019.


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Change up your onboarding

It’s a new year and there are likely plenty of things that you would like to tackle to improve your human resources processes. Rather then being overwhelmed with options or procrastinating about where to start, consider focussing your effort on one area of the recruitment process that is often overlooked - onboarding.



A year in review and look ahead

A look back at the year and stories that caught our attention, as well as what we’re looking forward to in 2019.


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How do I measure up as a leader?

An article in HuffPost summed things up perfectly – “leadership is freakin’ hard”. Author and leadership consultant Bill Treasurer suggested that the biggest problem is you, because good leaders nearly always start out as bad leaders.


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Be happy at work

For many of us, a large portion of our day is spent at work. In fact, one third of your life will be spent working - that’s 90,000 hours over a lifetime! So, it’s safe to say that what you do during those 90,000 hours can have a major impact on your quality of life.


Salary Negociating

How much should you be getting paid?

On your return to work in January, the inevitable “New Year, New Start” type stories will start appearing in your inbox and newsfeeds. Chances are, your employees will also be taking a moment to reflect on their career and goals for 2019. Depending on timing for your business, this may also be the time that you are completing annual performance review meetings.

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