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Attracting female leaders

Tips for attracting female leaders to your organisation

New Zealand has a lower than average rate of females in senior management and executive leadership roles. Currently, only 20 per cent of senior roles are held by women against the global average of 25 per cent, according to Grant Thornton’s 2017 Women in Business survey.



High attrition rate? How to deal with employee complaints

Retaining top executive talent in today’s highly competitive market is becoming more and more challenging regardless of the industry you’re in. Take heed of these top drivers of high employee churn and start retaining your company’s top staff for longer.


Remuneration blog

Remuneration and how to ensure salary satisfaction

Recent employment market trends show that annual pay increases are becoming a relic of the pre-global economic crisis as organisations develop creative – and cheaper – methods to compensate their employees.


Attracting top executive talent

How to win over the market's top executive talent

A quality working environment is the most important factor for New Zealand job seekers when considering their next career move, according to recent industry research. 


Performance Reviews blog

Performance reviews: an age old relic or key management tool?

Thirty of the Fortune 500 listed companies ditched annual performance reviews in 2015, according to the Harvard Business Review (November 2016). While it’s a marginal shift by only six percent of companies, it’s a trend that has sparked debate over whether formal performance reviews are still relevant for organisations and staff. 


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Thinking holistically about employee engagement

The term ‘holistic approach’ is gaining currency in human resource management – but what does it actually mean? Firstly, *holistic* is the idea that the whole is more than merely the sum of parts, and *workplace* is any or all places where people are employed.  


Top interviewing skills

Top interviewing skills for corporate professionals

The key to a successful interview in the executive and management space is preparation. Having a great CV is one thing, but the ability to clearly communicate your experience, knowledge and skills under pressure is a talent in itself. 


Embracing change blog

Embrace change and take control of your career

A positive outlook can be your greatest asset when searching for a new job or your next career development opportunity.


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How to successfully change your career

Seldom, if ever in this day and age, do individuals go through life without having to contemplate a career change.



Keep ‘em by keeping ‘em happy.

Any business owner knows how hard it is to find great talent. And any business owner knows how frustrating, time-consuming and costly it is when that talent leaves and you’re forced to replace them. So how do you keep your best people?

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