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There is no denying that we all deserve a well earned break this Christmas – 2020 has not been without its challenges. But as businesses and offices prepare for the annual summer break, a gradual slide to switching off in December with a slow awakening in January, it begs the question, would businesses benefit from hiring contractors to maintain momentum into 2021? 

While it can be a frantic race to the finish line completing projects and tasks in anticipation of the summer break, there is a relaxed calm that permeates business from mid-December through to mid to late January. For those of us who do remain in the office during this time, it’s the perfect opportunity to play catch up given the relative solitude. 

It is likely that the majority of your team will take some form of leave over the Christmas break. It can mean a slow period for business, which we all plan for. However you could look at it as an opportunity to keep the wheels moving by using contactors to fill the void over the summer break – ensuring that projects stick to timeframes, you continue to provide the same level of service to customers and your business keeps moving. Plus, when your permanent staff return in the New Year there will be a mood of activity and energy rather than apathy at the year ahead. 

Not convinced? Here are some of the potential benefits of this idea. 

Pay for what you need

Contractors are paid for the work they complete. They are not paid for holidays and do not receive entitlements for public holidays. Chances are you’ll still need some work completed over Christmas, why not pay for what you need? 

Recognise the wellbeing of your team

2020 has been tough and your employees are likely looking forward to having a break over summer to refresh and recharge the batteries. Having a large number of the team take leave at the same time is a juggling act. Bringing in contractors means you can give your staff more flexibility and truly reward them for a challenging year. 

Keep the wheels moving

For those businesses that go into shutdown mode over the summer break, it takes a little longer to set the wheels in motion once the first tranche of staff return to the office in the New Year. Using contractors over this time means that everything doesn’t come to a complete standstill. Plus, on the return of your permanent staff, they are not inundated with work that has been left stagnant over the break. 

Move forward with special projects

Contractors are usually used within business for very specific projects and bring a specialist set of competencies and experiences of value. No doubt 2020 has forced a rethink of a lot of things in your business – why not utilise the skills of a contactor to work on some of these special projects over the summer break? 

Accessing the talent pool

The New Year is a prime time for job seekers who typically return to the office and are motivated to start looking for career opportunities. If you do have a role vacant, it could make sense to use the skills of a contractor as a temporary solution and then go to market in the New Year when the talent pool is a little wider. 

This year has presented a lot of learnings for our business and what we are seeing is a lot of movement in the talent market. From top performers who through no fault of their own are unexpectedly entering the job market through to senior leaders who have made some significant lifestyle decisions and are looking for flexible career options. What that means is that we have a rich and diverse talent pool at our fingertips and we’re ready to help support our clients with their recruitment needs.

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