Is 2021 your year for change?

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It’s the start of a new year and for a lot of people that typically means change – from kick starting that health and fitness plan through to taking active steps to advance your career. With the job market currently taking a positive turn, could 2021 be the year of change for you. 

If you are reconsidering your career goals, then you are not alone. Statistically speaking, January 31 is the most popular day to quit your job. To help with your thinking, here is a brief overview of what we’re seeing and hearing out in the job market. 

Prepare for anything

Even if you are not actively in job search mode, with an upturn in roles available you may unexpectedly receive contact from a hiring manager or recruiter with an opportunity. Regardless of whether you are approached or apply for a role, the one essential is your profile – this includes a paper CV (yes, they are still relevant) and your online profile (LinkedIn, SEEK, Indeed etc). If there is one thing 2020 taught us, then it’s be prepared for anything. Take the time to give your profile a review and refresh ensuring content is up to date and your online profile is fully optimised. 


Preparing a great CV

Optimise your LinkedIn profile

Rethink your career path

“The career ladder is dead: Long live the jungle gym”. The immense change of 2020 aside, non-linear and non-traditional career paths are replacing the traditional approach of a steady career trajectory within a single organisation. The concept of ‘advancement’ itself is being turned on its head. The stats tell us that you are likely to have five to seven career changes in your lifetime. Yes, you need to consider where that next opportunity will take you but whether it’s a role, career or job change that you are considering, focus on the fact that it is just one step on a very long journey. Pivot, side-step, re-target, recalibrate, broaden your wheelhouse – these are the new career buzz words. 


Be happy at work

Are you in the wrong job

The gig economy and the future of work  

What's out there

There continues to be a lot of movement in the recruitment market, which is predicted to continue well in 2021. While there are reports of expats returning in waves, continued border restrictions mean there will also be less non-NZ citizen talent available – typically a significant talent pool. Should this continue, talent scarcity is going to become a bigger reality. We’re also seeing a rethink on what ‘roles’ look like. The past few months have made more of an impact on the future of work than the past decade. For example, enforced working from home has proven the concept works and organisations are considering hiring remotely or hybrid arrangements that support work/life balance. 


Is the job market turning a corner

Change can be uncomfortable, whether it’s in your personal life or career. However, the world is taking a pause and reset – perhaps it’s time for you to rethink your career goals and potentially make a move for the better. 

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