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Forward-thinking businesses know that their people strategy is their business strategy. These organisations shape their plans to meet their workforce needs, knowing that their most important competitive advantage is the ability to attract and retain the right people.

To be successful, HR and people leaders can take some learnings from their marketing teams, injecting the principles of marketing practices to enhance their talent attraction strategy.

Start competing for talent like they are your customers

When a potential candidate considers a position with a business, the first place they look is online – either the company’s corporate website or social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, and possibly even online review sites like Glassdoor. These mediums are generally “owned” by marketing teams and can be very sales oriented. But to attract the right talent, they also need to reflect your employer brand. Take the time to make sure these messages are profiled in the right way.

Think about the user experience

Some online job portals can make applying for a role, a lengthy and painful process. Make time to apply for a role on your web portal to track just how easy the process really is. Then check what it is like to order something online – there is a lot of focus on the user experience here because of the sales component and perhaps some lessons to be learned.

What about the unsuccessful candidate experience

Yes, it can be time consuming redirecting unsuccessful candidates and it is likely that you have developed a standard response to save time. However, these people may be future employees or possibly even future customers, so it really pays to inject a human element into this part of the process.

Amplify your message through your employees

Encouraging your staff to positively promote the business through their own social networks is an effective way to get the message out about the culture at your business. This isn’t something that can be forced but it can be encouraged.

Think omni-channel

Omnichannel is a marketing concept that essentially means the customer has a consistent experience regardless of whether they are purchasing online, via mobile or in a bricks and mortar store. The same applies for recruitment advertising – ensure that your advert, any links to a website or LinkedIn account, all have a consistent look and feel to them.

The competition for talent is never-ending. According to LinkedIn, around 40% of users are regularly contacted by recruiters for new opportunities. Get ahead of the game by being smarter about how you attract top talent to your business.

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