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Tracking the broader trends and insights facing the human resources function in business right now – from strategic setting through to transactional imperatives.   

Reimagining organisational design

Current events are accelerating “future of work” conversations that have been the focus of HR teams over recent years. Workplace change initiatives that were once considered bold and innovative are becoming a reality for many workers – from working from home through to virtual teams. An organisation’s skill and capability requirements have placed demands on talent acquisition resulting in new ways of looking at contract roles and gig workers. Some developments are likely to become permanent fixtures at least for the short to medium term. Anything and everything is possible and HR teams will increasingly be taking a leadership role in designing organisations of the future, from a human talent perspective.

Digitisation and automation

A survey from Stats NZ suggests that one in 14 workers expects to lose their job or business by mid next year. Self-employed and temporary workers have been disproportionately affected by the global COVID pandemic as well as those in lower paid roles in retail trade, accommodation and food services. These are roles that in usual circumstances were also more vulnerable to the impact of automation. Advances in artificial intelligence are also impacting a new wave of workers with the likes of algorithms enabling the completion of simple repeatable tasks through to autonomous technology which could result in a massive shift in worker skill and capability requirements. The way customers engage with businesses as well as how employees connect and communicate with one another has really progressed the digitisation conversation. What are the opportunities, challenges and implications for HR teams going forward?

Must have leadership skills   

While the core function of leadership is likely to remain the same, the skills, competencies and mindsets of tomorrow’s leaders will need to adapt to these new ways of operating. They’ll need to be as strong listeners as they are communicators, they’ll need to be connected and on top of trends and new ways of thinking, they’ll be open to new ideas and comfortable with embracing the unknown. Technically competent and with strong learning agility, these new leaders will be perhaps more known for their emotional intelligence and soft skills. What are businesses doing today to build future leaders of tomorrow? Developing these capabilities in your high potentials will increasingly become a top priority for HR teams.  

While these changes will be driven by the HR function, it is the broader responsibility of senior leaders (and executive teams) to be responding to ever changing business needs. The best way to approach emerging HR trends it to understand which ones will be absolutely critical to the success of your business going forward.   

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