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Businesses that practice corporate social and environmental responsibility are often guided by the concept of being socially accountable and contributing to community and customer wellbeing. A growing driver however is the value these programmes can create in terms of attracting and retaining top talent. 

Corporate social responsibility or CSR programmes can take many forms which generally are related to efforts your business makes to improve environmental outcomes, diversity initiatives, donating/volunteering and ethical practices. While this activity is focussed on promoting a socially conscious image, it also positively promotes your business as a good corporate citizen which during tough times can protect your licence to operate. 

Shareholders and customers are not however the only ones drawn to businesses that “do good”.  Even with current world events, the majority of job seekers are typically voluntarily looking for a new opportunity and can therefore be selective about what roles they pursue. Salary and career growth are key motivators but increasingly job seekers, particularly senior leaders’ and executives, are also looking for greater social purpose – which comes down to whether a company’s core values reflect their own personal values. 

Sceptics would question whether this is genuinely a core motivator for candidates. Having been in business for 11+ years, Decipher Group is focussed on uncovering the best talent for management, executive and governance level roles in New Zealand. “What we are seeing is a significant shift in those factors that truly influence a candidate’s decision to pursue a new opportunity. Increasingly, candidates are expressing to us a strong desire to be part of a business that is making a positive impact” commented Decipher Group co-Director Sarcha Every. This extends beyond not for profits and NGOs to also include executive roles in corporates that are both profitable and also bring “doing good” into their business strategy.         

Corporate responsibility also plays a major role in employee satisfaction and retention rates – an organisation that is doing good gives employees a greater sense of investment in their role and the business they are working for.

Does this really matter?

The simple answer is yes. Finding the right talent for your business and retaining that talent is becoming increasingly more challenging and competitive. Making responsible choices for your business and genuinely demonstrating a corporate conscience is good for business but more importantly, you will also be making a positive impact in your community and potentially the world.

The Decipher Team       

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