Cognitive diversity: the new competitive advantage

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Diversity is a truly multidimensional conversation. When it comes to forming teams tasked with tackling new, uncertain or complex challenges, encouraging diversity in its traditional form is not necessarily the precursor to success.

What we should be focusing on is cognitive diversity – bringing together people who have different ways of thinking, different viewpoints and different skill sets. It is this type of diversity that enables groups to solve complex problems more effectively and efficiently. But how do you objectively measure the cognitive diversity of a group?

Introducing the Diversity of Thought ScorecardTM – a specialised tool that quantifies the potential for wide-ranging thought diversity within groups.

Created and validated for use by senior leadership teams and governance boards, the Diversity of Thought Scorecard is designed for groups tackling complex problems where there is no definitive ‘best’ solution.

The scorecard quantifies wide-ranging thought diversity by measuring pertinent characteristics of individuals based on experiences, perspectives and thought preferences. Group members individually answer a brief online questionnaire measuring 10 uncorrelated factors which results in a diversity of thought score for the entire group - with the facilitation of results and actionable recommendations customised to meet the organisational need, from a high impact one-hour session through to an interactive half day workshop format.

How you can apply the scorecard within your organisation:

  • Better understand and manage current group composition
  • Manage decision-making dynamics
  • Start a conversation around a broader understanding of diversity
  • Complement existing diversity and inclusion programmes
  • Recruit new group members

Utilised by a broad range of New Zealand organisations the Diversity of Thought Scorecard is your new competitive advantage.

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