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New year, new role?

Ready for a career change, but have no idea what else you could do – or where to start? Here are some simple tips for those who are ready to take the leap.


Year in Review 1

2019: Top trending blogs

Here’s a list of Decipher Group’s top trending blog topics for the year that was 2019….


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Rethink work-life balance

With the end of year holiday season fast approaching, which for the majority of us means a well-deserved break from “work”, it is timely to take a moment to consider how we plan on tackling the year ahead from a work-life balance perspective.    



CEO's: What to do when you ‘retire’

A recent article on news site stuff.co.nz included stories from recognisable CEOs who had left an executive career and ‘reinvented’ themselves. It raised some interesting questions around how you leave what will likely be the pinnacle of your career, and then what you do next…



What the list of the best performing CEOs in the world tells us

Harvard Business Review has released its annual list of the world’s top chief executives – here are some of the key take outs.



Cognitive diversity versus personality tests

Decipher Group has recently announced a partnership with Lloyd Mander, creator of the Diversity of Thought ScorecardTM a specialised tool that quantifies the potential for wide-ranging thought diversity within groups.



Psychometric testing – do’s, don’ts and accreditation

The integration of psychometric testing in a recruitment context has had mixed reviews in the past, mostly due to the misuse of testing and its context. However, today it is a widely utilised tool used in many recruitment processes, integrated in the process as a supplementary selection tool. There are many advantages to introducing psychometric testing into the recruitment process, including:


1applicant feedback

Be kind to all candidates – it’s good for your employer brand

In most situations, the focus of a hiring process is finding the right person for the role. And rightly so, considering the impact this could have on your business, both positive and negative. However sometimes we overlook the candidate experience, particularly for unsuccessful candidates.


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Wellbeing is good for business

Kiwi accounting software provider Xero has teamed up with The Mental Health Foundation to produce the 2019 Small Business Wellbeing Report – 1,000 small business owners and sole traders were surveyed as part of the research, to understand how the mental wellbeing of people affects business.



Talking money during the hiring process

It’s a topic that most people feel uncomfortable if not awkward talking about but at some time during a recruitment process, the question around remuneration expectations will arise. So, when is the right time or place to start talking about salary?

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