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Content Curated – WFH top five articles

Because you’re busy keeping the wheels moving – here are our top picks for working from home (WFH) themed articles worthy of a second glance.  


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We're open for business

Decipher Group is fully operational and open for business, despite our office being closed in response to the COVID-19 response. 


The Gig Economy and How to Leverage it in 2020 825x500

The Gig Economy and the future of work

The term was coined around the time of the GFC but now we’re starting to see its rise in popularity – the “Gig Economy” – what is it and how will it change the future of work?


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Reorg or restructure – is your business ready?

Workplace reorganisations and restructures are inevitable, particularly in today’s environment with external pressures impacting on a company’s ability to remain competitive. How effective (or current) is your workplace change strategy?


news online

Content Curated – top four must reads

Because you’re busy doing what you do best – here are our top picks for articles worthy of a glance from the past few weeks.  


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Top talent trends 2020

It’s a new year and time to start thinking about your people strategy for the year ahead. As part of this process, it’s useful to take a moment to reflect on trends in the people space, they can generally be relied on as an indicator of a change in direction or that something new is developing. With the added impact of entering a new decade (defined by futurists as a “landmark decade”), the continued effect of a new generation entering the workforce and the uncertainly around the future of work - there is plenty of evolutionary change predicted in the people and recruitment space. 


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New year, new role?

Ready for a career change, but have no idea what else you could do – or where to start? Here are some simple tips for those who are ready to take the leap.


Year in Review 1

2019: Top trending blogs

Here’s a list of Decipher Group’s top trending blog topics for the year that was 2019….


work life comp together

Rethink work-life balance

With the end of year holiday season fast approaching, which for the majority of us means a well-deserved break from “work”, it is timely to take a moment to consider how we plan on tackling the year ahead from a work-life balance perspective.    



CEO's: What to do when you ‘retire’

A recent article on news site stuff.co.nz included stories from recognisable CEOs who had left an executive career and ‘reinvented’ themselves. It raised some interesting questions around how you leave what will likely be the pinnacle of your career, and then what you do next…

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