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Richie SMith decipher

"Decipher has always been ahead of the game in the way they source candidates."

Richie Smith

Director, NZ Post Group; Director, Ngai Tahu Farming; Chairman, Hilton Haulage Limited; Director, Timaru District Holdings Limited; Chairman, Lands and Survey Limited; Chairman, Plato Creative; Chairman, Pivot Software Group.

"Decipher has always been ahead of the game in the way they source candidates."

I’ve partnered with Decipher Group for almost 10 years, and am in the unique position of having worked with them as both an employer and a candidate.

Recruitment is a high stakes and complex process at the senior management and executive level.  I have complete confidence in Decipher’s recruitment ability, having enlisted their services to find professionals for a variety of local, national and international roles.

The team's drive and commitment to understand our goals and business objectives is a strong point of difference.  It’s not just about appointing a candidate to a role – Decipher always take a ‘big picture’ approach to help us uncover talented professionals with the right skills and experience to take our business forward.

Decipher has always been ahead of the game in the way they source candidates. They are extremely targeted in how they search the market and tap into their professional networks to find and connect with people. The team is timely, consistent and well organised in their presentation of long and shortlists of candidates. This co-ordinated approach makes it easier for management to measure candidates against one another.  

Decipher also provide an exceptional candidate experience. The team have assisted me to secure several high-level positions in my career by recognising when my skills aligned with specific roles. Their proactive and forward-thinking approach has led to very successful outcomes for all involved. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Decipher Group to businesses seeking skilled professionals and candidates looking for a recruitment partner who can help them take their career to the next level.

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