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"What I truly valued was Decipher Group’s constant communication throughout the process."

Melissa Davies

Director, Silver Delta; Director, Canterbury A&P Association; Director, Push Digital; Director, Motus Health Network; Director, Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce; Partner, cataliize; Co-founder, Bolstur. Previous: Associate Director, Lyttelton Port Company Limited.

"What I truly valued was Decipher Group’s constant communication throughout the process."

As an independent director and corporate consultant, I work alongside businesses to deliver strategic change, business improvement and growth projects. My drive and motivation for business success as well as a commitment to contributing to a thriving local economy, has cultivated my interest in a governance career. As an emerging director with a diverse career portfolio, I’m not the typical choice for governance roles. Changing the mindset of who can add value around a boardroom table is a real challenge and one that is starting to shift, but in saying that, I enjoy working with businesses that are open to diverse thinking and embrace new experiences.

My first three to four years of governance experience, with not-for-profits and SMEs, was a stark contrast to my corporate background, which was heavily influenced by strategy and strong commercial frameworks. When the team at Decipher Group put the CCHL Associate Director Programme on my radar, and having discussed the opportunity with them, I saw a real opportunity for personal and professional development.

It was encouraging to see an organisation like Christchurch City Holdings Limited (CCHL) put real effort into growing governance capability in the region. CCHL is a significant part of the Canterbury economy; being part of a board on the CCHL group of companies and being able to contribute in a meaningful way, really resonated with me.  

CCHL had a robust selection process for inclusion in the programme. What I truly valued was Decipher Group’s constant communication throughout the process. There was clarity around the steps involved to deliver on an outcome. Their transparency was really refreshing. I’ve been involved with Decipher Group as a candidate for other roles and my experience is always the same. The team have a strong understanding of their clients’ business, both in terms of strategy, performance and drivers, as well as their culture. These are all questions, that as a candidate, are important and contribute to your thought process – the team at Decipher instinctively know what information is required.

What I also like about Decipher is that it is a small, locally owned business and not a faceless global recruitment company. In such a small community, it is so incredibly important to work alongside recruiters who you can trust and who understand where you may be able to add value. Taking on a new role is such a huge career step, so having a team like Decipher alongside you on that journey, is really reassuring.

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