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Leanne Carson Hughes

"Decipher has a very modern approach to recruitment, they are not order takers but instead they are a true partner."

Leeanne Carson-Hughes

Former Executive General Manager Shared Services, Citycare Group.

"Decipher has a very modern approach to recruitment, they are not order takers but instead they are a true partner."

The Citycare Group is a nationwide infrastructure maintenance business with 1300 staff operating across 17 depots from Auckland to Balclutha. As an essential service provider our team provide valuable services to communities throughout New Zealand. Over the past 12-months our business has been humming. In addition to working closely with our local/central government clients delivering water and property related services, like many businesses, COVID-19 has forced us to be agile in our approach to delivering services.

Decipher Group is a trusted provider of recruitment solutions for senior management and executive roles for the Citycare Group, with a particular focus on leadership roles that involve innovation and technology. We utilise the expertise of Decipher because we value their independence, their market intel, and their extensive market connections. Experience has shown us that not all candidates are attracted to infrastructure. They also can have certain preconceptions of our business due to the ownership model. The reality is that Citycare Group has a really cool story to tell. Decipher understand this and using them as our recruitment provider means they tell our story in an independent way which helps us attract a greater number of quality candidates.

As a sector, infrastructure maintenance is characterised as a contact sport. We absolutely need people with high levels of resilience. When it comes to recruitment, it is important that we do not have fails. We work with Decipher Group because they make it a priority to thoroughly brief candidates on the role and the organisation. They also identify candidates who would thrive in our environment which means the talent we bring into our business are there for the right reasons.

We also value the transparency and independence that Decipher Group bring in terms of their interactions with internal candidates. We are a values-based business; all our actions are values driven and this includes recruitment. It is important to us that our people are given the opportunity to grow and develop. Decipher Group provide a level of support and coaching unparalleled in the market. They guide our internal candidates through the process and assist with their development journey.

Decipher Group are extremely professional. Their greatest asset is their team of consultants who provide a superb level of service and have the right expertise and experience that gives us assurance in our partnership. There is also a willingness to adapt as a recruitment process unfolds. Decipher pivot with us, they re-strategise and refresh their approach to meet anything that comes our way. They are flexible and available with immediate response. Decipher has a very modern approach to recruitment, they are not order takers but instead they are a true partner.

Decipher have increased their working knowledge of our people and our business through our executive team’s participation in the Diversity of Thought programme. This was a brilliant experience for us as we had our entire executive team immersed in a conversation around diversity that was a timely reminder that if you have a complex problem that needs an alternate solution, you need people with different perspectives around the table. Our participation in the programme really cemented Citycare’s diversity journey.

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